Александр Васильевич (rubin65) wrote,
Александр Васильевич

Браззавиль ─ Алеппо

Aleppo in Spring
Was calm
And migrant birds would sing
Now it's gone away
It's all just dust
And bones
And hate

Aleppo's gone
She took all my loved ones with her
It's time to move on
To the unknown
A rusty old boat
Smugglers and nasty weather
The European coast
Sadness and hope

With my law degree
I'm still
A rain soaked refugee
Far away from home
There's still
Some Aleppo in me

But Aleppo's gone...

увеличение по клику, макс. размер 2048 х 1536

Tags: Сирия, музыка

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